Crosstalk problem wireless devices and venue


I do not know if it’s fashion or not, but XBee or Bluetooth , Wifi etc. Recently, the use of wireless is increasing.
I think that it is becoming the direction to wirelessize as a global flow as well.

I think I will write about the problem of crosstalk which will always make troubles in using wireless devices this time.

I make and use a system that controls the lighting of the LED wirelessly.
Synchronization with sound is very important as it is live.
Even if it is misaligned, it will feel a big incongruity if it is not very small error such as 0.016 – 0.032 seconds.

In addition, LED wireless control basically uses XBee.
However, XBee communicates using the frequency of the 2.4 GHz band.
In the 2.4 GHz band, mobile phones and various Wifi devices (recently 5 GHz ones are still pretty much used but still more mainstream), Bluetooth devices, microwave ovens, etc. are running at the same frequency, and in some cases It becomes a confrontation of the frequency band.

As you can see from that, there is a high possibility of crowding at live shows and exhibitions, etc., where there are lots of people,
I am trying to preliminarily test it at a big venue.

By the way, as a result of the control equipment we made, the live at Tokyo gymnasium operated at the biggest venue without problems.
Of course, I was not able to enter the person yet, I brought the distance of the transmitter / receiver closer and made other ingenuity.

Besides that, at the exhibition which is done at the big site, etc., the distance between the booths is close, and there are many exhibits of wireless technology, I think whether it is the most severe environment in a sense.

Moreover, there are many cases where problems do not occur unless it is during the exhibition period, which is a risk factor.
On the setup day, although it was working without problems, it does not move as soon as it opens, even if it moves, the delay is severe, etc. happen.

In order not to panic with sudden troubles,
· Confirm the degree of crosstalk of radio during pre-session if possible
· When there are many radio disturbances, consider ways to create an environment to block wired or communication
· Prepare high-power radio equipment that can not beat the surrounding radio waves

It will be necessary.
The last one can not be handled without wireless qualification.

To that end, we have acquired wireless qualification .
It is something that I would like to be able to respond more flexibly, such as attaching a function that can be switched to another frequency band because I got the qualifications with much effort.

Please also take a look at the relevant page as well as a link to the explanation and related articles.
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