Report of progress of homemade laser


I want to make homemade laser since last year and I tried to test materials, though I cannot make well.
And all I want to do is to load to drone by relasing from power cable.

Now I can make this by AC enable mobile power battery.

Here is reference movie:

Total weight of the laser is about 1.6kg.So this can be loaded to large type of drone.

Next time I will try to load this to drone.

Realtime laser by Beyond


Like this video, I found the way to conevrt video to laser in realtime, so write this article.
(I did it by etherdream before, but the quality of the scanner could not be used more reliably with practice than I thought.)


  • Pangolin Beyond(Ultimate) : enable “Tracer”
  • Virtualcam software like ManyCam


  • Use Tracer function by Beyond that converts webcam input to laser in realtime.
  • Some screen area handles as webcam input by using Manycam.



Get Pangolin Beyond. You must use Ultimate version of Beyond because you need “Tracer” function.


Donwload and install Manycam.
(ManyCam may install some adware, so you must uninstall adware and some doubt programs.If you avoid Manycam, You may download and install other application. I uninstalled adware.)

If you are good at Directshow, this may be useful:

I explained using Manycam.I bought Manycam “Standard” license.

Step3: setting ManyCam

Launch Manycam and configure VirtualCam.

Right-click on the side by side rectangle → Desktop-> Custom Area and so on.
A rectangle appears on the screen, and you can treat that area as Webcam input.

Step4: open video

Display the image/video you want to convert to laser is located in the rectangular area.

Step5: Open Tracer

Open from the menu Edit-> Tracer. At that time, you should open it with Empty Que selected.


Step6: open Webcam setting in Beyond

When you select from the menu, the “Realtime Video Tracer” window opens, so click the “Trace” button to open the Tracing window.
Open the Tracing window and click “Device”.


Step7: select Virtualcam

Select VirtualCam (“ManyCam Virtual Webcam” here) created with ManyCam etc. If the resolution is too large, the operation becomes heavy, so adjust it according to the PC specifications.


That’s all!
By setting this, it is possible to laserize the designated range of the screen in real time.

developping laser control software


I’m developing software to control laser beam because I get laser-related jobs gradually.
I want to control laser at will because I’m a programmer.(Of cource, I love to think what laser beam is attractive and to create laser beam and to operate it.)

I uploaded demo movie below:

I’m developing laser-analyzing app, that is receiveing picture(movie) via Syphon, and convert it to laser beam.
This app analyzes “Syphon” movie. So this app can convert to laser beam what type of movie via Syphon.
If you want to use Kinect depth picture.

In near future, I use in live scene.