Mysterious effect by laser and camera

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There is a mysterious laser effect that I was told by the person who work at movie company a few years ago.
He said to me, “Do you understand how to realize it?”

This effect is below:

“Welcome to the Youtube Music Awards 2015” –

Please watch this video about 14 second.
You can see mysterious space even if only time of the laser is controlled, and even if the time axis of the movement of the human and the movement of the light are changed.

It’s very fantastic!
However, normally we cannot realize this effect because of speed of light, or something.

I was shocked when I first watched this movie.
As we proceed with the survery, I realized I need to know not only laser projector setting, but also camera parts and camera setting.
At that time, it is unsolved pattern that I have not surveyed long time, beacuse I did not mean to learn about camera.

However, by accident, I has become to buy a single-lens camera.
So, I decided to investigate how to realize this effect.

camera experiment

As a result, this effect is related with camera’s shutter speed and laser.This effect is very fun.
Like that:
laser effect

take 2 movie.

1. stopping laser and move it:
2. I have my friend take movie:

(Thanks TanJC!)

The view looks different very much if the kind of laser projector, scan rate, camera settings and other elements.
Though there are many things to experiment, I think this effect is very fun, so I wrote this article.

I was able to realize this because I have a reference of this effect.
But I will investigate interesting use of laser, LED and other devices.
If you are interested in me, please contact me.

Please give a message via contact or my facebook page.

Thanks for reading!

(日本語) サーモカメラの扱いについて

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Sorry, this entry is only available in Japanese.

Troubles what did not go well in controlling servo by Arduino

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I will blog a different topic than the laser because I wrote about laser a lot.

I will write down the topic because I had troubles of controlling servo by Arduino, though I used to handling LEDs by Arduino.

To smooth servo movement more detail – basic

If you control servo, normally you will write arduino program below:

#include <Servo.h>
Servo servo;

void setup(){
    servo.attach([pin number for controlling servo]);
    angle = 120; // 0-180 degree
void loop(){}

Normally it is good you can write code easily because of using degree, but if you want to control more smoothly and detail, you can control by


However, it becomes little difficult how to specify angle; thus unit is different from write() and writeMicroseconds().

In reference, writeMicroseconds takes argument from 1000 to 2000 normally, but some servos take from 700 to 2,300.You need to test the range.
In fact, the servo I used takes the range more wider.

Arduino reference(Servo#writeMicroseconds() ):

Therefore, writeMicroseconds() has a merit that moves servo smooth though this function takes time and complex.

Unable to move continuously

Although I cannot search deeply, servo cannot move without using delay() when I move servo continuously in loop().I think there is a time lag that run this code and arriving at the position though I don’t know the reason completely.
This is related to servo types and other implementation, but I need delay(15);.

jittering – controlling from external

I wrote a code that continuosly receive and parse values from serial, and control servo by using that values.
I think it goes well, but servo happened to move jittering when connecting serial device and move smooth when disconnecting serial device.It may be overloaded.

The reason why I use “SoftwareSerial” code. Actually, I should use “Hardware” Serial(using tx, rx pins), but I used SoftwareSerial because I want to debug by retrieving values via USB, in PC.
However, SoftwareSerial is heavier than “hardware” Serial, and I found the article not to use standard SoftwareSerial.

In this article, there are alternative recommendations below:

In my situation, I cannot improve the problem when using these alternatives..
So I improved by using hardware Serial.

Although, I think this depends on Arduino’s specs(I use this Arduino Pro mini 5v).So the problem will appear when I use more servo.

And, I used 6 servos in my situation and I have other problems I got values via wireless,,,I will write down this other time.

My first artwork, “hikarinami” was displayed at SmartIllumination 2017. And I got second prize!

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Long time no see.

In Nov.1-5th, 2017 “Smart Illumination Yokohama 2017″( ) was held at the elephant’s nose park, Yokohama We exhibited “light wave (hikarinami)”.
I made my own work for the first time and exhibited.
So I got so many things, my feelings increased and I became a long sentence poem, but I think whether the feeling will be transmitted sufficiently if you read it.

Please look at pictures of my work:
hikarinami hikarinami2 hikarinami3


Although the image of a sharp light is strong when it is called a laser, depending on the usage of light it can give a soft impression. In this work, the laser hits the object, you can see that the light reflected on the floor looks like a wave. I am glad that it makes me feel that things change not from one aspect to another, but how they look.

About my work:

I think that there are a lot of intense light like the live and the club seeing the laser beam that you see frequently.
It is exciting and powerful. (And a bit dangerous)

This work uses a different usage.
By reflecting the laser, light appears like a wave, and it involves a complex pattern.
The same and slightly different light fluctuation.
It is good to be healed by gazing at the light which is repeatedly repeating, returning it like a wave.
It is okay to shake the shining rod and to repair that light like a wizard.

Enjoy interactive nature, lightly watching the light wavy, or laser itself is a light source that is hard to shoot so try challenging for shooting.
It is a work that various ways of enjoying content differ depending on experiences.

During the exhibition:

While supporting the explanation and experiences at most booths during the holding period, I occasionally leave the booth,
Observe how everyone will experience → update by the next day’s holding
I was repeating that.

It was not an interaction(gesture) that shake sticks on the first day (another operation method), and there was no explanation of how to use.

In fact it was a very late time to work on production and there was a time I was worried about whether I could be on time for the exhibition and it was not enough yet that it was not enough for the first exhibition, I was worried about the worried feeling that it could be taken as a boring thing.

But the Thai people who were exhibiting at the next booth were very kind and one person praised me.
Also, when guests actually open the visitors come visit me, give them a loud voice, enjoy people who keep looking for a while for a while, or who are watching how the mechanism is going.
Some people enjoyed it in their own way, others said that they liked it very much. As time went on, anxiety turned to self-confidence.

After a few days, it became a feeling that my work grew.
At first I did explain the work and the way to experience,
if guests do not do anything when they let everyone see the beautiful light without explaining the function to switch light especially to see the light, the repeater will come and shake the stick.
Then the people who did not know such a thing could “could do such a thing”, or “Oh Oh” and the cheering sounds as if they are very pleased, and as a conductor of the repeater this conductor It was a leading role of the.
At first it was a feature that was easy to put on, but it was very interesting without thinking myself that it would have such a big impact on the work.
Moreover, it seems that he liked the work itself very much, and the person who was shaking the stick explained to the other people how to use the stick. Then the person shook it, as the light changed, I felt a feeling that I was manipulating the light and got a different impression from when I was only watching, from the viewing works to the works to experience It seems that I was pleased with what changed.
And another person who saw it taught by the person who operated it and manipulated and manipulated by another person ,,, There was a repetition phenomenon that a person who was watching the figure from a distance came close to … There was something awake.

my booth is so small, but there are a lot of people and my work is not visible.

my booth is so small, but there are a lot of people and my work is not visible.

Is my work okay before the event? I was worried that I was enjoyed this much, I am sorry that the author is uneasy! I was sorry in my mind.
And, I also increased the desire to cherish and grow this work day by day.

I got a lot of grateful experiences to say so, the last day.
I applied for the Smart Illumination Award this time, but I have an awards ceremony for that award.

Judges around the applicant’s work around the open time of the day and will review it.
Though I was thinking of words to speak with judges as an early time, I was thinking about words, but thanking you very much, there are a lot of people who have already enjoyed themselves in the time of appraisal, so the explanation to the judges can not be done properly (explanation I was explaining to the person who is in trouble or asking questions from the visitors as well) even when I was doing) I wonder if I can be awarded, I was glad when I was able to do, but as a result it was indoor exhibition I received the Excellence Award.
(Actually, there was a conflict secretly that it would be fundamentally important to support and explain to those who were experiencing difficulties in explaining it well, but actually experiencing it on the spot.)

I’m so glad.

It is naturally nice, but it is after the awards ceremony.

Because the exhibition time was still left, when the commemorative photography ended and it was about to return to the place of holding.

Although I had her to talk to me, I was pleased with the feeling that the words I got to say are chesting.
“What I was exhibiting was pretty good, so I came to worry about winning! I was glad I was able to win, I am glad that we could talk about this because I was cheering.”
That is what she said.
That person said that although I was alone when I was alone, it was said that it was good that the children who were nearby showed beautiful lights in various ways.
I am delighted that I am so happy that what I have thought about here where I did not notice …
To be honest I’m just writing this sentence like this, even though I just wrote a sentence, I’m getting along well.


I wrote the comment again, there were many things I was happy about.

I was worried very much but what I made is very much accepted by visitors,
Thank you for giving us lots of thankful words,
Children and adults also wanted to try to manipulate the light themselves and enjoyed being able to line up,
A person who raises cheers whenever changing light,
Those who enjoy lighting excitingly by changing lights themselves,
People who look at beautiful and see for the first time,
People who always say “I can keep watching forever” after seeing it for quite a while (a few minutes to 10 minutes, etc.)
People who take pictures intentionally,
I was praised such as idea power that I did not have confidence, mounting power, etc.,
It spreads to spread other people to enjoy this work that he enjoyed, and by accidentally explaining to people around us that the people who were there were born through the work,
People who told me they wanted me at home,
It is so wonderful that I told you that I will definitely go see if there is a place to see the work next time.

There are still more improvements and things I’d like to try but I am very happy that I was able to move my heart so far by myself alone and I gained my confidence.

I got a lot of very glad words of cheering, so I thought about keeping this work more carefully and keep updating it to become a more wonderful work.

First of all, we have to proceed where we can exhibit next.
Please continue your encouragement.

view from the place

view from the place

Yokohama, the venue, was a place I lived at the time of my university, a city that I started living in and started living by my own family.
I was not familiar with college so much, I was working part-time at Motomachi in Ishikawa Town from Minato Mirai, where I got to have a good day with friends and get together. Perhaps if I were only a school, I think that my life was quite different depending on whether I drop out and go home.
In such a place I liked very much, including the atmosphere of the town and people, I was able to have such an opportunity in a memorable place and have had a wonderful time.

I know, although I did not get the best award, I think it is too strong feeling to write so far, but I wrote poem unintentionally because I got so many things for the first time.


explanation.I am pleased to make it.

Well, from now on I would like to develop this work and more opportunities to create such opportunities so I have to find places for presentation so I began collecting information in various ways, but I am in a fumbling state …

If you are interested, we would like you to feel free to contact us, this is what I said! Try out it! If you have something to say, I am glad if you can feel free to contact us.

Please contact me via contact,facebook(,twitter (@mmlemon)

I made the Playlist on Youtube!

I am sorry that I could not afford so much time this time and I could not see the work of others so much …




Report of progress of homemade laser

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I want to make homemade laser since last year and I tried to test materials, though I cannot make well.
And all I want to do is to load to drone by relasing from power cable.

Now I can make this by AC enable mobile power battery.

Here is reference movie:

Total weight of the laser is about 1.6kg.So this can be loaded to large type of drone.

Next time I will try to load this to drone.

Realtime laser by Beyond

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Like this video, I found the way to conevrt video to laser in realtime, so write this article.
(I did it by etherdream before, but the quality of the scanner could not be used more reliably with practice than I thought.)


  • Pangolin Beyond(Ultimate) : enable “Tracer”
  • Virtualcam software like ManyCam


  • Use Tracer function by Beyond that converts webcam input to laser in realtime.
  • Some screen area handles as webcam input by using Manycam.



Get Pangolin Beyond. You must use Ultimate version of Beyond because you need “Tracer” function.


Donwload and install Manycam.
(ManyCam may install some adware, so you must uninstall adware and some doubt programs.If you avoid Manycam, You may download and install other application. I uninstalled adware.)

If you are good at Directshow, this may be useful:

I explained using Manycam.I bought Manycam “Standard” license.

Step3: setting ManyCam

Launch Manycam and configure VirtualCam.

Right-click on the side by side rectangle → Desktop-> Custom Area and so on.
A rectangle appears on the screen, and you can treat that area as Webcam input.

Step4: open video

Display the image/video you want to convert to laser is located in the rectangular area.

Step5: Open Tracer

Open from the menu Edit-> Tracer. At that time, you should open it with Empty Que selected.


Step6: open Webcam setting in Beyond

When you select from the menu, the “Realtime Video Tracer” window opens, so click the “Trace” button to open the Tracing window.
Open the Tracing window and click “Device”.


Step7: select Virtualcam

Select VirtualCam (“ManyCam Virtual Webcam” here) created with ManyCam etc. If the resolution is too large, the operation becomes heavy, so adjust it according to the PC specifications.


That’s all!
By setting this, it is possible to laserize the designated range of the screen in real time.

Crosstalk problem wireless devices and venue

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I do not know if it’s fashion or not, but XBee or Bluetooth , Wifi etc. Recently, the use of wireless is increasing.
I think that it is becoming the direction to wirelessize as a global flow as well.

I think I will write about the problem of crosstalk which will always make troubles in using wireless devices this time.

I make and use a system that controls the lighting of the LED wirelessly.
Synchronization with sound is very important as it is live.
Even if it is misaligned, it will feel a big incongruity if it is not very small error such as 0.016 – 0.032 seconds.

In addition, LED wireless control basically uses XBee.
However, XBee communicates using the frequency of the 2.4 GHz band.
In the 2.4 GHz band, mobile phones and various Wifi devices (recently 5 GHz ones are still pretty much used but still more mainstream), Bluetooth devices, microwave ovens, etc. are running at the same frequency, and in some cases It becomes a confrontation of the frequency band.

As you can see from that, there is a high possibility of crowding at live shows and exhibitions, etc., where there are lots of people,
I am trying to preliminarily test it at a big venue.

By the way, as a result of the control equipment we made, the live at Tokyo gymnasium operated at the biggest venue without problems.
Of course, I was not able to enter the person yet, I brought the distance of the transmitter / receiver closer and made other ingenuity.

Besides that, at the exhibition which is done at the big site, etc., the distance between the booths is close, and there are many exhibits of wireless technology, I think whether it is the most severe environment in a sense.

Moreover, there are many cases where problems do not occur unless it is during the exhibition period, which is a risk factor.
On the setup day, although it was working without problems, it does not move as soon as it opens, even if it moves, the delay is severe, etc. happen.

In order not to panic with sudden troubles,
· Confirm the degree of crosstalk of radio during pre-session if possible
· When there are many radio disturbances, consider ways to create an environment to block wired or communication
· Prepare high-power radio equipment that can not beat the surrounding radio waves

It will be necessary.
The last one can not be handled without wireless qualification.

To that end, we have acquired wireless qualification .
It is something that I would like to be able to respond more flexibly, such as attaching a function that can be switched to another frequency band because I got the qualifications with much effort.

Please also take a look at the relevant page as well as a link to the explanation and related articles.
About XBee |


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Recently I began to touch TouchDesigner.

I do not get used to Node-based programming environment…
How about a for loop? What if you have a fine conditional branch?
Also Quartz Composer, vvvv, TouchDesigner. Although I bought a Commercial Lisense a while ago I kept not using anything but it was easier than I thought when touching TouchDesigner as a trigger, so I decided to start earnestly.

At first, I made something that reacts to the sound.

And I tried replacing it with a laser.

You can use etherdream in TouchDesigner. At last it will be a choice other than Pangolin as this will make it easier to make the beam steady and I am looking forward to it personally.

I am planning to strengthen cooperation between sound and external equipment from now on.

Shuhei Matsuyama’s blog is a good starting point to study TouchDesigner.