laser touchdesigner レーザー


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Recently I began to touch TouchDesigner.

I do not get used to Node-based programming environment…
How about a for loop? What if you have a fine conditional branch?
Also Quartz Composer, vvvv, TouchDesigner. Although I bought a Commercial Lisense a while ago I kept not using anything but it was easier than I thought when touching TouchDesigner as a trigger, so I decided to start earnestly.

At first, I made something that reacts to the sound.

And I tried replacing it with a laser.

You can use etherdream in TouchDesigner. At last it will be a choice other than Pangolin as this will make it easier to make the beam steady and I am looking forward to it personally.

I am planning to strengthen cooperation between sound and external equipment from now on.

Shuhei Matsuyama’s blog is a good starting point to study TouchDesigner.


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