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Mysterious effect by laser and camera

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There is a mysterious laser effect that I was told by the person who work at movie company a few years ago.
He said to me, “Do you understand how to realize it?”

This effect is below:

“Welcome to the Youtube Music Awards 2015” –

Please watch this video about 14 second.
You can see mysterious space even if only time of the laser is controlled, and even if the time axis of the movement of the human and the movement of the light are changed.

It’s very fantastic!
However, normally we cannot realize this effect because of speed of light, or something.

I was shocked when I first watched this movie.
As we proceed with the survery, I realized I need to know not only laser projector setting, but also camera parts and camera setting.
At that time, it is unsolved pattern that I have not surveyed long time, beacuse I did not mean to learn about camera.

However, by accident, I has become to buy a single-lens camera.
So, I decided to investigate how to realize this effect.

[2019/09/25 mod] There was the person who adopted this expression!(Thanks Andy Faulkner)

camera experiment

As a result, this effect is related with camera’s shutter speed and laser.This effect is very fun.
Like that:
laser effect

take 2 movie.

1. stopping laser and move it:
2. I have my friend take movie:

(Thanks TanJC!)

The view looks different very much if the kind of laser projector, scan rate, camera settings and other elements.
Though there are many things to experiment, I think this effect is very fun, so I wrote this article.

I was able to realize this because I have a reference of this effect.
But I will investigate interesting use of laser, LED and other devices.
If you are interested in me, please contact me.

Please give a message via contact or my facebook page.

Thanks for reading!

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